My family and I

The lights are on, the house is crowded, children are running everywhere, the table is plenty of several & different delicious food, all kinds of food, the family has gathered, laughing, eating, telling jokes, having fun, playing stupid but funny games..

This is the normal case of a holiday in a Moroccan family, that is how I passed all holidays of my childhood, but from 2009 and on, everything changed.

A case or lets say a piece of theatre happened and this made me write this short story or thoughts, a case that I’ve never imagine that I’ll be obliged to face, I met my own uncle and I couldn’t say a: Hi!! a simple Hi that I tell to foreign people, I couldnt hug him though I missed him cause I haven’t seen him for 3 or 4 years, the funny thing was we are in the same region and in the same country so close yet far away.

There’s an old Moroccan adage that goes: When old members of families pass away, everything changes.

That is exactly what happened in my life. In 2009 I lost my maternal grandpa.. I knew that I started loosing my maternal family so my paternal one had become so close and precious to me, its like as if I had doubled my dearness to them. A year later, what I hadnt expect happened, I lost my paternal grandpa, and so I lost my last family, my paternal one..

I admit that it was there, so many hypocrisy and lying in our relationships, yet we WERE family we feel sad when someone of us was hurt, and were happy during others happy occasions. And the most important thing is that we were together during holidays.

You might notice that I keep on repeating the sentence were gathered during holidays.. The most important thing is that were together during holidays maybe its because I was the kind of child who loves guests and the assembly of the family, things like that.. maybe its because I have no brother or sister, I dont know why but I REALLY loved my family not in a simple way but more.

It’s so complicated that even when I wanted to talk about it, I didnt know where to start!! Its so funny, so strange and even unimaginable what we can face in this life.. I am only 19 years of age and I’ve seen so much hatred and hypocrisy, I dont know what the future holds for me, but I think Im ready to face it!!

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I LOVE YOU a passionless love

how romantic!

The Things We Do For Love


I love you a passionless love

I go to bed, dream of another

I love you a passionless love


We will make babies together

I love you a passionless love

I know you, respect you partner  


I love you a passionless love

You’ll be happy, but never happier

I love you a passionless love

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Freshly Pressed: Editors’ Picks for August 2012

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MADinGhana's Blog

This appeal went out from the Ghana Hotels Association at the recent National Executive Committee Meeting. I once sat at this table. I wish I did now, because would I have ever voiced my disapproval. In essence the Association requested that the government “review the 5% revenue authority tax on hotels and release the members of the multiple taxes imposed on them.”

The 5% revenue authority tax is the income tax paid here in Ghana!

The reason? Hotels apparently are having a hard time paying all the required levies, taxes, rates etc. as well as maintaining their establishments.

Can ya believe it? No, not the 5% representing the total income tax paid, but the part about being exempted from taxes!

Taxes represent a social contract between government and the people; and for a whole industry to plead for exemption indicates just how poorly most establishments are doing and how little…

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