WRONG! Money do can buy you Happiness…

Dear Admin,

So most at times we did hear folks all around say this old adage to us day-in, day-out and although it really sounds like the very truthful things or phrases heard it undoubtedly is very wrong. For various reasons i attribute this phrase to an original quote that goes ” Beauty lies within”. Truthfully, as i stayed naive for a very long time, i came to believe in it but now i would be like “Are you kidding me?”

I would keep this one very simple. Read head

These adages are seen by various groups(mostly religious) as being intellectual truths. I jokingly said to myself. That guy on the street whom i just gave a quarter doesn’t look so happy than I. Or is he? Maybe he is because he solicits money freely from others without rendering service “en contre partie”. And I was right! Who wouldn’t want to do nothing for something?

The generalization of the word happiness is somewhat misused in the phrase. On the other hand, beauty itself in this context is a sin qua non for deceiving all who agrees unrealistically. I know some good folks who chose their mates in order to preserve the relationship. By simple definition “beauty” here means:

if my mate ain’t beautiful enough other persons wouldn’t even ask him/her out thus I losing him/her in the near future.

This trick works very well and many have kept longer relationships. You ask truthful guys/men who cheat on their girlfriends/wives they would tell: ” i cheat because that other girl is hot” literally meaning, “they cheat because the mate stopped being beautiful”. The same goes for women who cheat on their mates. It’s all about appearance.

But read carefully as i explain to you why money do can buy you happiness.

Some call it luxury others call it vanity but i call it “a pure simple life”. Imagine you woke up early in the morning(you stayed overnight at a social friend’s place) and you also happen to have 40 billionth $ in your bank account. So you wake up hungry for breakfast and decide since its only less than an hour flight from Paris(you live in Paris,France) to Monaco you take a flight

with your friend(and or call more friends to come along)there. You arrive in Monaco bay and you buy yourselves the best heartwarming breakfast one could ever get.

Thereafter, you guys head back to Paris and live your normal day as everyone else. Now at six p.m , Chelsea is playing the UEFA so you guys charter another flight to London, take up a VIP seat since the economy seat is somewhat crowded(trying to forget that guy who puked all his booze on you the last time). After the match, you take the same swift plane to Morocco and you get yourself a taste of exotic Moroccan cuisine for dinner. Since it would be too late to return to Paris, you pass the night in Sofitel Hotel near the golden beach of Agadir with an exquisite sunset singing lullaby to you as you calmly fall asleep forgoing the sound of running water flashed from your upstairs neighbor.

You wake up early, charter another flight back to Paris to begin another normal day be it work, schooling or running around with your hands in the air. Don’t even think of judging me as I’ve not yet informed you what you might do on weekends.

That’s not all, those guys who attacked me last week by the roadside robbing me of my phone, fake swatch watch and 20$ did not seem happy getting “rich” off me. I can recall they really looked pissed i only had 20$ on me and thank the Most High they didn’t realize my watch was a fake.

Money can’t buy Happiness? Are you kidding me? Am right now thinking of going to visit my long lost found cousin in the United Kingdom but guess why i cant go.

The only way it can’t(Money can’t buy Happiness) is if you spend it alone. Whether you are Poor, Average or Wealthy. Share it!

Here’s an equation i found on facebook. I don’t really agree how about you?


No ass + Nice face = Bad shape

Nice boobs + Nice shape = No face

Nice face + Good clads = Bad boobs

Good boobs + Nice clad = Dunderhead

Bad boobs + Bad clad = Loving

Nice face + Nice shape = Slut

6 pac + Handsome = Player

Bad shape + Stingy = Intelligent

Wise man + Humble = Poor cladding

Romantic + Caring = Broke

Understanding + Caring = Less romantic

Loaded + Loving = S.T.Ds.

Thanks for reading


Try Ignorance

Honourable Sir/Madam,

I occasionally resort to the criticism of the Ghanaian way of life, comparing her peoples lack of simple understanding and inability to back up great ideas with the very commonest of reasons. Verily i can’t begin to think that a people trying to create a life for themselves is unable to come to the conclusion that free education is primordial and understanding its essence is absolutely infinite.

As said by Sydney J. Harris “the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” To teach a people to create a life for themselves and the comprehension survival in this modern life during best times or when harsh realities makes a call.

If a people are educated, they wouldn’t need one describing to them how their lives would be destroyed but through their own proper eyes would they perceive the deceit in every evil that comes their way. If it wasn’t for education, i solemnly regret to inform you probably could perceive me from far away undoubtedly listening to nature’s call on the streets of the capital city of Mother Ghana. Yea, it happens only in Africa and thats the good news.

One argument still stands, “The occurrence of the well educated to pry on the weak minded”. This is an inevitable situation i substantially believe couldn’t be eradicated unless at least seventy percent of any given population stands educated. By “educated” here i mean can read and write, basic(literacy).

The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men.  ~Bill Beattie.

In any case kind Sir/Madam, our constitution itself encourages the “progressive introduction of education”. education here meaning, all forms i.e basic, secondary and even beyond.

The Ghana Constitution states in Chapter Five: THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOM

All persons shall have the right to equal educational opportunities and facilities and with a view to
achieving the full realization of that right- (a) basic education shall be free, compulsory and available to all;
(b) secondary education in its different forms, including technical and vocational education, shall be made generally available and accessible to all by every appropriate means, and in particular, by the progressive introduction of free education;
(c) high education shall be made equally accessible to all, on the basis of capacity, by every appropriate means, and in particular, by the progressive introduction of free education;
(d) functional literacy shall be encouraged or intensified as far as possible.

I’ve seen a people stuck with bread and oil for breakfast provide free education to their citizens(not only basic).

I ask kind Sir/Madam that you make available the richness of our free nation to all in all forms as described by the constitution.

As the constitution stands one for all, so do i wish we all stand for it for without it into nothingness shall we go.

Thank you.


Robots Call (A Ghanaian Letter) Part I

Dear Sir / Madame

A few days ago I came into contact with an incident that did not only change my perception on ideas and or opinions but reaffirmed my position on the latter. I discuss with people about certain subjects mostly on the need for social reforms, the dignity of the Ghanaian citizenship, security, the importance of the rule of law and the need to aspire for a better future for all Ghanaian born and unborn but never have I dared to publish them online as a blog or an article.

If you are obtuse by this post already then, ” I am talking about politics”.

Ghana is a country very much admired by all who has heard of it morocco on the other hand leads Ghana on the popular vote campaign. But i take more pride in the fact that, Ghana although is smaller in comparison, is the United People of Africa. I call her so because she has approximately 200 different languages with about a 100 different tribes coming together to establish her successes & failures. Small in size she is very grand in composition.

I could go continuously for hours boring you with all the good sides of Mother Ghana without telling you every so called good life is pure fallacy. I took the liberty to read the Ghanaian Constitution it struck me more think, “what in the hell have we been doing all this time”.

Certainly, i was swift to put the blame on the old leaders whose constant failures has led a country that was said to be more than 10 times richer than China come to her knees and beg from China. Trust me, it ain’t getting better.

In Ghana today, you would find that in general the adults are teaching the youth their failed way of life. I barely meet an honest person poised to uphold the good name of of the country. In fact, I see the intellect waste their breath on the aspirations of a bogos society that teaches her future children to lie continuously, backbite daily san cease as well as practice to become perfect in corruption. One would be shocked at the lack of understanding on simple matters that calls for nothing but mere common sense.

You would be more amazed at the youth’s interest in pursuing a promiscuous life than great aspirations, great endeavours, genuine interest the economy as well as politics. What you would find is everyone is compromised. The youth who are the future of the country are raped mentally as the aging crooked politicians bribe and excite them to play DIRTY POLITICS.

The truthful pain is these mentally molested shortsighted individual will grow up and continue the convenance that was thought to them in their youthful days.

Borrowing, spending, corruption, kickbacks, backbiting, lying, deceiving, rebuff constitution, increase in poverty rate, theft…an infinite list. The hopelessness of the watchers are not seen and that of the mother selling smoked fish to put her children through university is ignored although smoked fish is a favorite part of our gastronomy.

Its not all……

Come back later for the Robots Call( A Ghanaian Letter) PART II