The New Iamaghanaian Dot Com 2

Just a stone throw away from achieving the greatest feat amongst many others, your immediate visit to the new iamaghanaian website shouldn’t be a waste of your time. You would notice amongst many new feats a new chat bar ( which I’ve been dying to inform you) which features an online game with tons and tons of challenging GAMES arranged under different categories.

I will be very reluctant to talk to you about other new additions to the website but what i am dying to spill out is iamaghanaian wouldn’t just be your normal ghanaian social network but a place to search and post jobs, play & chat with friends, meet other ghanaians via our dating application, listen or upload ghanaian music etc. etc. etc.

The team is very much overwhelmed with their work improving the old website into a new dynamic social portal for ghanaians both home and abroad. But did i mention their courage grew when user visite continued to increase? I guess i just did.

Out of the old comes the new so we left some old features unchanged including the online market now called “Markola”. E-shopping: Shop online even overseas.

We are inviting you to spread the word as we build a better Ghanaian through a greater online presence. Join iamaghanaian now or tell your friend if you are already a member.

Meet you there!


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