The New: I Am A Ghanaian Dot Com

Since the beginning of 2011, the team came into the depths of their toils. We basically weighed ourselves and our hopes for success as well as deliberating on many other viable options that we considered to be the true identity of what we most likely want to see from our users. But we saw a few.

Seeing wasn’t all about just believing so we opened our doors to the critiques of our cherished users. And though we went somewhat from more than personal contact to open mindedness, our most patronized  and well wishers did not cease to tell us more about the big perfect picture underneath out toils. Our users showed us more.

We were shown how far we could get to. They showed us how aspiring our aims, goals and prospections looked and sounded like in reality. And since we ourselves were of good quality and determined to achieve without fail, we took all the advice we could lay our hands on. In fact, we were greedy on that. We spared no idea, no simple truth and neither any critique.

We spread them on our decisive table, skimmed and panned through then we thoroughly made sure we understood them like they were our own. Like i said before, none was left out. The first of our resolve was to work on our user-interface.

Though some of you might think upgrading a website is all about pressing that big red button that starts moving data from one server to the other, we ourselves made sure it wouldn’t be only that but an extra work into perfection. An upgrade that will look much more appealing and generally Ghanaian cultural so our mostly Ghanaian users will observe how serious we meant when we asked them for their opinion. See the difference below: before

Iamaghanaian After.

The graphic content and versatility of “Iamaghanaian After” is a must see. The rich text content as well as a more friendly in relation to other websites (e.g facebook, twitter, yahoo) are what the team insists on achieving in addition to plug-ins, applications and music downloads. Can you imagine those are just the few amongst all we seek to accomplish? We never give up, so don’t you either.

After all, WeAreGhanaians. aren’t you?

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