Azonto Fever, The New Ghanaian Craze.

Its Azonto! “Yea, you know what time it is.” says Sarkodie, the self proclaimed inventor of the Azonto dance. Before you read further, all I kindly ask of you is to watch this short video of how the new Ghanaian dance, AZONTO, goes. Funny thing, my in-built dictionary keeps red underlining the word “AZONTO”.

Its my guess after watching this video you probably would watch it a second time before i finish, edit and or re-edit this blog.

Azonto originated from somewhere in Ghana. Hey! don’t ask because i have no idea where exactly. What i know is, it’s the new craze, the new fever widely spread out across the globe even known to the most hidden Ghanaian immigrant somewhere in Uzbekistan. Use Google earth. You’ll find him/her.

Everyone is dancing Azonto. Anyone not yet dancing it is probably discreetly learning how to dance it in their rooms or public sanitary places. Been there, done that but not all, lol.

The Azonto dance so popular to the extent that the youth of Ghana enjoys it more than looking for work or coming up with fresh and innovative ideas for the very broke, mismanaged and highly going to turn worst economy of Ghana.

In fact, word out is, the youth of Ghana will rather spend time dancing Azonto and making videos of themselves than using up proteins in their cerebrum. The truth is it, this dance has no cultural roots but people are making it cultural. Yep, welcome to Ghana. On the other hand, i would want you to take note that the old and real Azonto dance is totally different from the new age Azonto.

Enough being a hater. If you don’t know how to dance Azonto in Ghana, then you certainly have to dig and bury yourself because this singular, simpler dance has brought many Ghanaians all around the world into doing the same something just at an exact same time and moment. Isn’t that just amazing?

It has brought so people in this simple country, it reminds me of one fact, THE ONLY THING GHANAIANS DO TOGETHER IS TO DANCE AND ENTERTAIN THEMSELVES, thus the total absence of war in the history of Ghanaian. Isn’t that twice Amazing?

The dance just like any other Ghanaian dance, even if someone is just jumping like he’s on fire, does one thing, speaking to  another and or an audience.

And that’s why the Azonto dance has become very popular among the youth of Ghana today. In my opinion, the youth having so many things to say has put all those words into the Azonto literally virtual dictionary. The dance can be done alone, but that’s unless you mostly talk in your sleep, to yourself. This dance works perfectly well following one important and essential rule of communication. COMMUNICATION INVOLVES TWO PEOPLE. Azonto always works well when it involves two people “dancingly” talking to one another.

Now, let me teach you how to dance the Azonto. Yes i forgot, re-watch the video for second time.

Wish you all Azonto days ahead. Meet you on the AZONTO battlefield.


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