HONOURABLE KOFI ATTOH talks about the Ghanaian educational system

An excerpt from “THE POLITICAL SEARCHLIGHT” a program on a
UK based Ghanaian radio talk show.

HOST: Do you think Ghana’s
free education is the best?

Classeroom Full of School kids

Classeroom full of School kids

Honorable Kofi Attoh:
No one can say Ghana’s education is the best. But the little we can do is to
improve upon the records and reports as it were. 

The main importance is
to “zero-in” on the rural communities. Anytime you visit a community school,
you find out they are no better on your next visit a year later. And yet we
don’t know where the problems are comes from, whether from the people,
supervision, the teaching, from parents. In fact most parents are unable to buy
exercise books prompting their children or most pupils to use a single exercise
book for six subjects.

A ghanaian school child

A ghanaian school child

Honorable Attoh reintegrated the need not to blame the
policies but rather work harder on the problems where and whenever they occur. He
stated, “Though our stagnant education
finds its roots deep within our history as far as 1950, knowing the improving
upon them in the current future is what we need to make our definitive goal

He furthermore gave
an example of cases whereby poor results were on heights but a lot of work has
been done to produce better results.  “And not only as a government but as a
people in general, we need to work hard on education,
stating the need not
to repeat ourselves if it was bad before and say it wouldn’t improve.

When asked what measures the government has in place for
academically poor but practically skilled Ghanaians, he commented on measures
like: Technical and Vocational Schools for JSS graduates. He added, the
government is placing enough computers into this after JSS institutions as well
as creating youth employment projects. He said such vocational
schools/institutions provide their student/trainees an opportunity to enter
into bigger universities after the graduate.
In his last words he finally quoted “All we need is faith”.


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