World Of Our Own

4276b977c04c1152b7177d55c73388a2_200Most of us are born into this marvelous country of ours, at least most of us. We wake up to brush our teeth at the backyard of our neighbors house, sometimes gets chased or we just walk about a mile to school for the first 10 years of our childhood.
The greatest of us don’t get sold to milo shakeup(which we call tea but it’s not) with fried egg and bread for breakfast and look down on our fellow neighbors if they take hot spicy roadside porridge for breakfast. The greatest of us still like to hire bicycles and go buy that gas about 10 blocks from home. More so, the greatest of us share a bicycle ride with our friend when school closes.
And a whole lot more i did like to tell you.
Now we come to the sensible amongst. The sensible amongst us don’t get too corny whenever we hear the word ‘love’, neither mistranslates it when we watch "Romeo and Juliet" or "Titanic".
We are Ghanaians and there’s nothing we can do to change that. We come from a country that has more than 200 dialects and still calls itself a united democratic country. Be it muslims, christians or upholders of our african traditional religion, we are a one country and for a reason or two that’s why we’ve lasted this long. So far as i know, religion or any other disagreement was introduced to us.
To be patriotic, lets like that foreign song and love that local hit, lets love "facebook" and feel proud for, lets harness that feeling of homesick whenever we sit down to eat junk food. Lets not call home names or something nameless for that’s what the outside world seek.
I got inspired to write this when i introduced someone to this proud page of ours and he just responded me quote: yawa ooh, it’s below my level: unquote.
Until now i can’t find myself to believe my ears at his words as i ask myself each day "what do Ghanaians want?" "what’s their level?"
Our level? i wish i knew what it was/is, but until then, i love just as i love "facebook " and am more than proud to be virtually home, right there each time I visit

PS: if you love your home and feel proud of it, use this applications I’ve created on facebook since we can’t use them here. You can click or copy and paste the link into your address bar on your browser, then you click "allow" when prompted. You’ll need to sign in to "facebook" first.
Or you search for them respectively when you sign in to "facebook".
1: favorite ghanaian quotes
2: your new daily quotes
And please don’t forget to send invites to your friends so they can also use the apps with you for more fun.
Thank you all for reading and i hope you feel proud and miss home wherever you are. Love you all.



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