Till death Do Us What…

   In absolute selfless nudity a man is born to this world as with chocolate cream and half broken eggs to fully deliciously  made ice creams extending further to mere compassionate sharing. Every man/woman at one point in time wants to get his hands “safely” dirty as possible in order to realize a given talent, a mischievous plan and or for practical purposes. Most times this “safe dirt” is perceived as “non fulfilling” and “non edifying” by religious persons, “dangerous” by those who just became the big examples, “unacceptable” by the confused and last but not the least “wasteful” or “wishful thinking” by all the categorical groups mentioned above. In fact, i sometimes find myself not fully comprehending the reasons given by all this groups, yet i know they all agree on one thing: True Love Is Never Achievable”. Secondly, they all seem to agree on destruction results rather than the hope that those two little love birds will sing some beautiful melodic acoustics each day for the rest of their lives. To live a companionship panorama as the beginning of their “Life”.

    Certainly, non of us even wants to predict the end of a mistake in progress and yet 90% of the good people i know fall into the each of the mentioned groups above. Do people really want all their wasteful thoughts to come to pass or will they use this same pureness for memorable adventure of love till death do them apart? Surely no one knows the end of a jolly ride. But we call hope it ends well. The end result of broken and unfinished love becomes one getting badly hurt as it changes lives for eternity to come. If you love the story of Romeo And Juliet, then, beware.

    But on the other hand, we see those good fellows sending love notes on Facebook or sitting together at parties and functions or sharing a room to decrease their expenditure, helping build lives for themselves that contain no restriction or mental slavery remembering the old adage: A Divided House Falls”. I see those late night calls and those unfinished kiss that pulls back for a finish. I also see those clear mid-night star counting,gazing, a stroll on a sunset beach, those astonishing and warm hearted but humble gifts on Christmas, Val’s Day and Easter and even on normal non eventful days. Now where do we see all the stress that follows? I see only laughter. If you can take up a lady or a man to cherish, then, Hook’em up. If you can’t please say nothing.

    In short, till death do us good friendship, happy lives and many enigmatic wonders…Till death do us more than good people in love. God bless all Love Birds.  





2 thoughts on “Till death Do Us What…

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