World Cup Fever

Some are really not getting it right whilst others are definitely not seeing this the right way but in as much as we call ourselves Africans, be it as STARS of AFRICA (Black Stars of Ghana) or as BOYS (Bafana bafana of South Africa) this WORLD CUP 2010 hosted in SOUTH AFRICA will bring great joy like that of Neil Armstrong and his crew as they landed on the moon the very first time.

History is being made, a new world order of football is being established and if you think you’ve seen the worst? One should definitely pay attention to the buzzing noise of the Vuvuzelas of South Africa, fancy names like “baby FIFA” a child who was born just a few minutes after kick off or as elephants of Kenyan national park play football.         

And yes it’s on the soil of Africa we see great football nations fight to stay alive. As the English clash with the Algerians to a draw and Germans become a figure of fun for the Serbians. And it’s not even the worst yet as the host nation gets whipped 3 goals to nil against Uruguay. In fact the most astonishing of all is France dancing to the beat of the Mexicans.

One fact though is the role of the fabulous Ghanaian team, The Black Stars, coming out as the only African team to win a match in group stage with all the other African teams loosing or with draws in matches played.

Well maybe the Ghanaians can go as far as beating the Australians and later face off the Brazilians in the finals but who can tell?

Astonishing? Just imagine the two Koreas ravaged with mistrust and enmity facing off in the finals. But who can tell?

Until then, I wish the Black Stars good luck and hope they shine for Ghana and Africa as a whole tomorrow.


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