So What Next Now?

I have very much admired good relationships and probably I think it’s because I know and do believe those who have sound relationships can do more and have unflawed lives. If you don’t agree, then you should ask yourself these questions:

–        “Why the beginning of most relationships is filled with laughter, standard intimacy and most of all trustworthiness?”

–        “Why do people ever want to be depressed and yet never need to be happy?”

–        “Why do we spend our time denying true love and yet wished we had one?”

  And the questions just keep coming.

When we have an exam, we’re all so much working to succeed but we never work to improve our relationship status. It’s so awful when people don’t seem to work on the things that can mess up their life or modify the way they see things. Well not even I can find a better solution to this puzzling questions but I can speculate on a vivid observation.

I visited a friend recently (@ night) and I found out that this person has two huge pillows on this big bed. The said person just walked to the bed, placed one pillow on the other, with a coy face lay down and was fast asleep. I muttered: that is very lonesome.

You know, it probably isn’t a lonesome activity if she hadn’t been complaining to me about  knowing so much about relationships, love (which she claim not to believe in) and a whole lot more of exasperating tales of how lonely and difficult life is.

I also keep telling myself “just what the inferno?”

And guess what? I’ve seen many a good men just waiting to take her up to this pure joy and she just declines them.

Last week, I decided to start working on a new project so I decided to talk with some group of people about it. During the course of this discussion, I realized people of different mind, knowledge and objective might agree on a particular subject and even conclude it but after, all it takes it just an outsider with some predetermined negative speculative opinion (not like mine) to dissuade them.

Confusing? Here is a similar story…..

On summer 2005, a cultured girl decided to go spend some days with her aunties and family friends. There, she met Asaka who was not much into anything but lived naively. They naturally become the best of companions. They shared, laughed, sang, played, slept and most all lived like a dream.

The beginning of their friendship was what most selfish would’ve not indulged in. It was like that of Arabian horses on those summer days with those radiant withers, more beautiful than black beauty itself. Much more effective than those cool breezes you feel after a shower rain on a highly humid day. It was just so exquisite and unaccountably infinite. Her naivety, she spoke about it (truthfully, not to all), laughed about it and yet still wondered if such a thing as what she had really did exist. She inquired from good friends, whose failure in pure relationships has rendered their hearts so much filled with mendacity. From them she attained falsehood and her inadequacy to commune with her lover ended on stony grounds for she had attained knowledge from a dime a dozen friends. 

What an attained and well deserved failure. Believing isn’t faith, knowing isn’t knowledge, seeing only will deceive but searching with the heart is the key to what we all deserve. For neither a man nor a woman, both who searches for that one thing never finds it. And yet those who give up will forever not even see it when it comes. Although one may fail to find happiness in theatrical life, one never wishes to give it up after having once tasted its fruits.

If you’re in love you’ll know it for love is more powerful than most things. Make it known to the world, cherish it and live it but do pray for the Good Lord to bless it. Don’t be hypocritical of it otherwise it will be the beginning of its ending. Still don’t get it? Then start reading from above.

To know more about relationships in detail (for Ghanaian students in Morocco) you could read this book:

“A Call T o Healthy Relationship Volume 1” by Peter Anaman

I’ve read the volume 1 and it was an awesome experience for me. It’s very practical and a life changer. You guys should check it out!


One thought on “So What Next Now?

  1. Sometimes it takes a great deal of time for someone to realize that not only are they letting the world inhibit them…They are inhibiting themselves. It is so hard to live without inhibitions in the cookie cutter society we live in. She will learn.

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